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Our Lady, Star of the Sea

  Weekly Bulletin


We see our community as one moved by Faith, led by Hope and united in Charity, seeking, as a caring family, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ by reaching out in welcome to all: the young, the old, the stranger, and the neighbor. We commit ourselves to helping and healing, to feeding the hungry, to visiting the sick, and to consoling the bereaved as Jesus commanded in the gospels.


Bulletin Announcement:

To facilitate the CORI reform law signed by the Governor of the Commonwealth, the Department of Criminal Information Services recently put a new CORI access system in place. This new system called iCORI requires that all individuals provided the last 6 digits of their Social Security Number along with other information required on the CORI request form. The form content is sent to the Archdiocese by the Commonwealth for use in requesting CORI. The Archdiocese is certified to access the background of all clergy, seminarians, school personnel including educators, staff and volunteers, designated parish volunteers, paid parish staff and Pastoral Center staff. The Archdiocese is required to carry out the CORI process within the confines of the regulations put forth by the CORI Unit.

We appreciate the cooperation of all those required to complete the annual CORI and we particularly thank you for keeping the pledge to protect those among us who are most vulnerable.


The weekly bulletin is available here for viewing and downloading.  It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.  If you do not have this program, please download it for FREE here


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