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Our Lady, Star of the Sea

  Christian Service

Linda Newall, Christian Service Coordinator/Representative

Time & Talent------

At Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish we have many ministries that create a network of physical and spiritual support for our parishioners. Many ministries are apparent (lectors) and others are not so visible (visitation). All are equally vital to the life of the Parish. These programs are made possible by generous parishioners who willingly give of themselves and their time.

How you choose to give of your time and talent is ultimately connected to the reasons for being in this world – we are given time and talent, not only for our good, but for the good of others. Everyone possesses unique skills and abilities. The success of our ministries and committees depends upon the wealth of resources our parishioners can provide. What gifts and talents do you bring to our community?

The Lord is calling each of us to give what we can. By becoming an active participant in our Parish, you help enrich the Body of Christ.  The Advent Season and Christmas will soon be here. Think about making this coming season more fulfilling for you as an individual or your family. Join one of our ministries. To share your talents please call 781-631-0086.

Please see our video, "Our Lady, Star of the Sea"



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