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Our Lady, Star of the Sea

  Parish Pay

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Our Story

Ten years ago, ParishPay began increasing donations for parishes across the country. Our journey started when ParishPay co-founder, Joe Mohen, sought to give a large year-end gift, but found it nearly impossible to give to his parish in any way besides in person.

Confused by the difficulty he found in the donation process, he asked himself, "How much money was being left on the table every year by churches across the country?"

Travel, weather and illness can keep even the most devout parishioners from giving the gifts they truly want to. ParishPay started with a forward vision of a modern world where whenever and wherever one is inspired to give, he or she can.

With this vision in mind, Mohen saw that electronic giving was the best way to help parishioners give what and when they wanted to. The convenience of electronic giving also made sense in an increasingly technology based world. He later joined forces with entrepreneur and technologist, Andrew Goldberger. Together, they developed the idea of enabling churches to collect donations online and founded ParishPay.

In partnership with Dr. Charles Zech, a professor of economics at Villanova University and author of 10 books on the subject of church management, research was conducted discovering the immense benefits of moving church supporters from weekly and sporadic gifts to monthly committed pledges, an option now easily available with electronic giving.

While they were convinced that this was the solution to our problem, convincing the first few parishes to help start the electronic giving revolution was a challenge. No evidence previously existed that electronic giving would increase gifts. But with a handful of our early adopters, they proved converting collection basket contributors to electronic givers increased their gift amounts by more than 70%.

With ParishPay's phenomenal results, media coverage began at a feverish pace. Early client parishes and dioceses were bombarded with press inquiries. 85% of the top 100 newspapers in the country, all major network newscasts, NPR, Fortune Magazine, and countless others have featured at least one story about ParishPay since 2002. ParishPay is now the leading electronic system for the Catholic Church and continues to grow.

Most recently in 2012, ParishPay was acquired by payment specialist YapStone, Inc, a leading provider of online payment processing solutions for recurring payment industries. YapStone’s mission is to provide the most robust, secure and innovative payment technologies enabling clients to advance their core missions. YapStone is eager to work with the ParishPay team to build on the foundation of customer service and trust that has made ParishPay the most respected brand in the industry for over a decade. The YapStone offices are located at 2033 N Main Street, Suite 510, Walnut Creek, CA and can be reached at 925-407-8722.

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