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Our Lady, Star of the Sea

  Religious Education

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Christian Service Resources

A service project is anything you do to help a person in need, a friend, neighbor or family member that is not a part of your regular daily chores, and that you don’t get paid for.  Christian service hours should be initiated by the Candidate and completed by the Candidate.  When 15 hours are complete for each grade (9 & 10) a one – two page paper is to be written on your discipleship when acting on your service. Also, have the person that you helped write what your service was (or you may write it) and have them sign and date the paper. 

Service to the Church:

Service to the Church involves becoming an active member of the Our Lady Star of the Sea parish by participating in one or more of the Ministries offered in our Parish.  These include”

      Altar Server:  Altar Servers who serve at any of the weekend Masses (including the monthly Youth Ministry Mass) or at any special Holy Day Mass receive 1 hour for each Mass served.

      Choir:  Members of any of our Parish’s choirs (Children’s (as assistant), Adult or Youth Mass. You will receive 1 hour for each Mass, and 2 hours for each rehearsal.

      Youth Ministry Mass:  Each student is given the opportunity to volunteer to participate in the monthly Youth Mass. The following will receive 1 hours of service:  Altar server, choir/cantor, lector, Intercessions (Prayer of the Faithful), gift bearer.

      Religious Education Teacher’s Assistant:  Teacher’s Assistants can help Religious Education Teachers in grades 1-8 with all aspects of the class: setting up classrooms, keeping students quiet and focused on the lesson, helping with group projects, etc.  Religious Education classes are held Tuesday through Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30.  See Lori or Mary to sign up.

Service Projects Initiated by the Student

  • Get a group together and serve a meal at My Brother’s Table

  • Work the Special Olympics with the Marblehead Boosters

  • Tutoring

  • Volunteer at the Devereux House or Lafayette Nursing Home

  • Shop or run errands for an elderly family member or neighbor

  • Baby sit for someone in the neighborhood

  • Volunteer for the Recreation and Park Department

  • Raise money in a walk-a-thon NSMC Cancer Walk, Walk for Hunger, etc.

  • Come up with you own idea

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